Robert Aloyce Mallya
Director of Nursing Service

This is one among the 5 Directorates at the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute. The directorate comprises two sections which are Nursing services and Housekeeping. Its major role is to provide quality super-specialized cardiovascular nursing services of high standards, to both inpatients and outpatients. The directorate provides nursing services in cardiovascular surgery, Cardiothoracic Intensive care, Cardiology, Coronary care, and Cardiac Catheterization/Coronary Interventions.

Currently, the Directorate is serving per day 60-103 admitted patients in various wards and ICU/CCU and 100-200 outpatient with cardiovascular diseases. The Directorate has a total of 89 nurses, whereby 78 are registered nurses and 11 are enrolled nurses. In addition, there are 27 supporting staff.

Head of Nursing Services

The major responsibility of this section is to oversee the provision of quality evidence-based Cardiovascular nursing care services to patients with cardiovascular conditions across the Institution. Provision of Cardiovascular nursing care services is emphasized on following the nursing care process which includes assessment of the patients, establishing nursing diagnosis, planning, intervention and continuous evaluation of patients’ progress. The section is responsible for overseeing the quality improvement activities including the infection prevention and control across the Institution. It is also responsible for receiving complaints and feedback from clients regarding the services provided/offered. The section coordinate various programmes related to quality improvement like 5S - which aims at improving the status of working environment; the Kaizen - which is the problem solving process at the work place and infection prevention and control.

Head of Housekeeping

This section comprised of laundry, housekeeping and sterilization services. It is responsible for preparing, processing and sterilizing all equipment, instruments and supplies used for different cardiovascular procedures including operations, dressing of wounds, and other sterile procedures at various service delivery points. It is responsible for collection of dirty linens and uniforms from the Institution to the washing area and supply of clean linens and uniforms.