Agnes M. Kuhenga
Director of Account and Finance

This directorate is specifically meant to offer supportive and administrative services and management of the Institute. The Director is therefore required to undertake the following main functions:

  • To supervise all administrative support functions;
  • To develop well focused strategies, objectives and targets to achieve the Cardiac Institute mission and vision;
  • To coordinate, formulate and implement corporate plans;
  • To coordinate, evaluate and monitor implementation of policies and plans set to achieve the institute objectives;
  • To coordinate and review the institute budget;
  • To formulate human resource policies, plans and strategies, and monitor the implementation;
  • To coordinate the implementation of Performance Management System and reward management;
  • To supervise, appraise staff and identify their development and training needs;
  • To oversee proper implementation of Public Service Act, Regulations, Standing Orders and other labor laws;
  • To oversee employee’s welfare;
  • To manage registry, office records, and courier services;
  • To facilitate security, transport, general utilities and maintenance serviced;
  • To promote good governance at place of work; and
  • To coordinate Human Resources Management processes.

In performing the so mentioned activities, the directorate has four sections. These include: Administration, Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance, Estate Management. Functions for each of the sections are as follows:


This sections is responsible for the following functions: developing and implementing relevant security policies for the institute, providing support on transport facilities, keeping transport records, monitoring and enduring that all motor vehicles are properly and timely serviced, overseeing employees’ benefits and entitlements, facilitating employee relations and welfare, managing registry, office records, and courier services, promoting good governance at place of work, and developing or reviewing and operationalising client service charter.

Estate Management

This section is responsible for managing and providing technical expertise on the field of estate and is led by a Manager. Specifically, the sections does the following: managing waste treatment and collection, managing waste service providers, developing and implementing relevant estate and environment policies for the institute, maintaining a comprehensive inventory of all office furniture, fittings, and equipment, coordinating repairs and maintenance of motor vehicles, machines, equipment, furniture and office buildings, maintaining and upgrading surroundings of the Institute buildings, and monitoring and enduring that cleaning services are being provided by the contracted parties at specified quality and quantity.

Human Resource Management

The human resource management section of the institute is led by a manager and is responsible for the following: preparing, reviewing, implementing and monitoring human resource policies and procedures, effectively managing human resource related matters, coordinating employees’ career growth by ensuring timely promotions of staff in the institute in relation to performance appraisal and government directives, coordinating the implementation of performance management systems and reward management, designing employees’ succession plans, coordinating human resources processes, and managing an integrated human resources training and development program.

Accounting and Finance

The accounting and finance section is meant to provide quality financial management and bookkeeping services for the institute. Led by Chief Accountant, the section is particularly responsible for the following: formulation of financial and accounting policies and procedures, overseeing effective management of finances and payroll in line with the institute financial regulations, preparing annual institutional budget for cardiac institute, ensuring the implementation of internal and external audit recommendations, preparing financial reports, identifying optimal areas for income generation and costing of services, and ensuring that financial procedures throughout institute’s departments comply with the institute’s financial regulations.

Following the intensive directorate audit, there were established both strengths in accomplishing duties and responsibilities and weaknesses hindering the smooth operations in the institute.