JKCI is committed to providing a full range of pediatric cardiac services to children from birth through college age in a compassionate patient centered environment.

As the region's leader in cardiovascular care, JKCI pediatric cardiologists are expert at the diagnosis and treatment of young patients with cardiac abnormalities, both congenital and acquired. We are committed to providing a full range of services in a caring and compassionate environment, specializing in treatment for children ages birth through teenage.

Our physicians conduct and interpret diagnostic tests using state of the art technology to diagnose heart problems and develop a treatment plan. The team provides ongoing management of heart conditions, which includes coordinating care with a pediatric surgeon if surgery is required.

The goal of the pediatric cardiology group is to provide the best possible care available, while supporting patients and their families throughout childhood and adolescence.

We Offer:

  • Extensive experience - Our board-certified pediatric cardiologists are skilled with using the latest technology to diagnose heart problems.
  • Advanced diagnostic testing, including:
    • Electrocardiograms (EKGs)*
    • Echocardiograms*
    • Holter monitors
    • Treadmill tests
    • Stress echocardiograms
    • Fetal echocardiograms (advanced imaging while the child is still developing in the womb)
  • Care coordination and treatment plans - We facilitate care with maternal fetal medicine and other pediatric specialists if required.
  • Follow-up care - Patients born with a heart problem may need follow-up care through adulthood. Consultation and follow-up care for adults with congenital heart disease is also provided.
  • Convenient appointments - We offer flexible scheduling in a variety of locations throughout the region to minimize travel for our patients.